Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a bookkeeper, what’s wrong with DIY bookkeeping?

Whilst being your own DIY bookkeeper may seem a cheaper option, most business owners find their business needs are far more demanding, leaving them very little time to get on top of their book work and therefore they often get penalties for late submissions to the ATO or alternatively find that their invoicing is sent out late which can create cash flow problems.

Where do you do the bookkeeping from, our offices or yours?

We can work either at your offices or from ours.

I am concerned about my financial information?

We are a registered BAS agent and registered with the Taxation Board and are legally required to keep all clients information confidential.

How do you work with my Accountant?

It is imperative we create a close working relationship with your accountant. We keep in contact with your accountant throughout the year supplying various quarterly reports or alternatively monthly if this is more suitable for your business needs.

What industries do you work in?

We work in a variety of industries, and always work with your accountant as they know your overall business affairs. We work with sole traders, companies, trusts, small and medium businesses.

How much are your bookkeeping rates?

We charge hourly rates, fixed fees and offer various levels of services such as bookkeeping, office management and training.

What accounting software does Gold Balance Solutions use?

We use various accounting software such as MYOB, Reckon Accounts (QuickBooks) and we specialise in XERO, a cloud based accounting software that gives you, the owner, accountant and us, the bookkeepers access to the financial data from anywhere on any device.

Where do I go from here?

Either send us an email or give us a phone call. We can either arrange an initial free consultation and obligation free meeting and you can make your decision from there alternatively if you are keen to get started, why not use this as a complimentary hour whilst we get started working on your business needs.